About Outlaw

Outlaw is brewed by Tivoli Brewing Company. Let us tell you the story of resilience and rebirth. In 1859, John Good started Tivoli. Years later, during Prohibition, Tivoli adapted by producing low-ABV cereal beers. After the ban was lifted, Tivoli roared back to life, brewing a legendary lineup of beers.

Growing to become one of the largest breweries in the USA, Tivoli faced a setback when record floods devastated Denver, forcing the brewery to close its doors. However, the spirit of Tivoli persevered, and it was reborn in the same building, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. With 153 years of history, Tivoli Brewing continues its legacy, crafting exceptional beers for all to enjoy.


in every way

OUTLAW: Tougher than your beer company and more fun.

Crafted by brewers that take pride in their work, just like you. Each sip is a taste of someone’s dream job brought to life for your enjoyment.

It's time to


Come Back Again

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